Graduate and Speech/Theatre Major Dies

On Saturday, February 18, Gloria Lowery Tyrrell, a York College graduate and former Speech Communication/Theatre Arts major passes away.

On Saturday, February 18, Gloria Lowery Tyrrell, one of our former students died.  Gloria's first performance at York was "AMERICAN SAMPLER" which was performed by the Theatre Arts discipline in March of 1981.  Her most important performances at York College were, Amanda in Tennessee Williams' "THE GLASS MENAGERIE" (1983) and Mother Courage in Bertolt Brecht's, "MOTHER COURAGE" (1992).

When Gloria came to York she was already in the profession of clowning and she encouraged other students to join her.  While a student at York she developed her most important work, in fact it became her career, which was writing the scripts and performing Black Historical Personalities such as Harriet Tubman, Ida B. Wells, and even Martin Luther King were included in her repertoire.  With a strong artistic talent she costumed her characters most appropriately.  These performances were presented in various parts of New York City.

In addition to all her theatre work, Gloria was always active in helping people with Sickle Cell Anemia.  Se will be missed.

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