AC- PAC Heating/Cooling Pipe Replacement

Project: Emergency Pipe Replacement underneath Guy R. Brewer Blvd. Affected Area: Milton G. Bassin (MGB) - PAC Handicap Parking Area Safety Precautions: Modifications to the MGBPAC Handicap Parking


Emergency replacement of four (4) – six inch diameter pipes (piping system) that route from the Academic Core (AC) Building to the MGBPAC Building is required.  The subject piping system provides cooling and heating from the AC Building to the MGBPAC Building and is routed underneath Guy R. Brewer Blvd. at depths ranging from 8 to 12 feet below the street level. This piping system has been repaired two (2) times within the past ten (10) years.  Several months ago a 3rd failure was detected with this piping system by our plant maintenance staff and verified by CUNY Central Office contractors.  A determination has been made that the integrity of the entire piping system is now questionable and warrants a total piping system replacement before the beginning of the 2015 winter season to provide heating comfort to the MGBPAC.


We will excavate a trench that is 5 feet wide by (8 to 12 feet) deep from the AC Building, across Guy R. Brewer Blvd., into the "Handicaped" parking area, make a right turn pass the Guard Post; then finally make a left turn over to the MGBPAC Building.  

Temp Parking Re-Configuration of PAC Handicap Spaces

Once the trench is fully exposed we will remove the old piping system, replace it with a new piping system, and then backfill the trench with the excavated material.  


The existing designated MGBPAC "Handicaped" parking area will be temporarily modified by removing the first two (2) handicap parking rows and designating these two (2) rows for the staging area.  We will also temporarily shift, in the easterly direction the two (2) Public Safety parking spaces and ten (10) Reserved Parking spaces along the LIRR wall by ten (10) car spaces.  The 3rd and 4th rows of existing "Handicaped" Parking spaces will not be altered and will be 100% available for usage during this emergency repair work.  All associated parking signage (Handicaped, Public Safety and Reserved) will be adjusted as needed.

Please see illustration sketch below.

TIME LINE FOR REPAIRS (tentative and subject to change)

The following is a sequence of milestone events and approximate dates of occurrence associated with this emergency repair:

 1)      Received approvals from NYC Department of Transportation and NYC Department of Building to proceed with excavation work – by 7/24/2015.

2)      Modify the Handicaped Parking Area, Public Safety Spaces and Reserved Car Spaces for York College – by 7/27/2015.

3)      Commence setup, material delivery, and staging of excavation work – by 7/28/2015.

4)      Complete installation and testing of new piping system – by 10/16/2015.

5)      Return the Handicaped Parking, Public Safety and Reserved Parking Areas to their normal configuration – by 10/19/2015.

 Thank you in advance for your continued support, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


James Minto

Executive Director of Facilities Planning and Operations