Emergency Repair Escalators Update 10/23/15

  • Vertical Transportation: Escalators operations suspended as a precaution pending installation of upgraded safety features.
  • Affected Area: All Academic Core Building Escalators
  • Alternative Vertical Transportation: Occupants are directed to utilize the elevators in the AC Building.


The Safety Inspections conducted last week by the college’s escalator and elevator contractor, which was observed by an independent contractor revealed conditions in all eight (8) escalators requiring the installation of safety features to meet the department’s current safety requirements.

THE SOLUTION (Short Term and Long Term)

Short Term – York College has authorized its escalator maintenance contractor to immediately begin the safety upgrades to escalators #3 thru #8. These six (6) escalators provide up and down transportation between floors 1, 2, 3 and 4 near the F-corridor. The work is expected to start on November 2nd and be completed by November 13th. Escalators #1 & #2 provide up service transportation only to floors 2 and 3 near B-corridor, parallel to existing stairs. Those two escalators will remain out of service indefinitely, pending the completion of a transport study which will be conducted during the major capital infrastructure project to improve the college’s vertical transportation systems. The project will begin next month.

Long Term – The vertical transportation infrastructure project will be launched on November 11th. This long-term, multi-phase design and build renovation project is projected to last between 36 and 48 months. Among the objectives of the study will be to determine if all 8 escalators are needed to effectively traverse the AC Building.


Short Term-All escalators are closed to pedestrian use. Entrances and exits to escalators are all closed off with yellow hazard barricades. Occupants should use stairs or elevators to move between floors of the AC Building. The freight elevator will be staffed and available for use, if necessary.

Long Term-Escalators #3 thru #8 are all expected to be returned to service after November 13. The college community will be kept informed frequently during the immediate repair period and periodically about the vertical transportation capital infrastructure project and the logistics of moving between floors in the Academic Core Building during the construction period.


  • Week of 10/19/15 – escalator contractor authorized to proceed with safety installations
  • Week of 11/02/15 to 11/13/15 – upgrades performed on escalators #3 through #8
  • Week of 11/09/15 to 11/13/15 – additional repairs carried out to escalators #7 and #8.

The safety of our students, faculty, staff and all who enter our facilities is of the highest priority.

Thank you in advance for your continued cooperation and support. If additional information is needed, please contact Mr. James Minto, Executive Director of Facilities Planning and Operations at ext. 2390.