Emergency Pipe Replacement underneath Guy R. Brewer Blvd

There are various safety concerns associated with large contractor excavating construction vehicles and regular vehicles utilizing the parking lot main entrance at Guy R. Brewer Blvd. during the emergency replacement of the four (4) – six inch diameter pipes.
Project: Emergency Pipe Replacement underneath Guy R. Brewer Blvd.
Affected Area: Milton G. Bassin (MGB) - PAC Parking Lot Entrance/Exit
Safety Precautions: Relocating the MGBPAC Parking Lot Entrance/Exit

The Problem

(Please reference News e-mail notification dated 07/22/2015). As a safety precaution, we will be we restricting regular vehicular traffic through the main parking lot entrance while the excavation construction vehicles will be repeatedly navigating the same area.  

The Solution

All regular vehicles seeking to use the Guy R. Brewer entrance to the parking lot will use the 165th entrance into the parking lot during the emergency repair process. From the 165th parking lot entrance - all regular vehicles will be able to access all parking spaces including those that have been re-designated as noted in News notification dated 07/22/2015. Pedestrian traffic from the parking will not be obstructed and will be safely guided by “flag persons” as needed. A Public Safety Officer will be temporarily located at the 165th Street booth during the hours of college’s operations when the main entrance to the parking lot is restricted. Vehicular egress from the parking lot shall also be from the 165th exit during the emergency repair process unless otherwise directed from Public Safety.

The Inconvience

All regular vehicles will enter/egress from the 165th Street parking lot entrance/exit location.

Time Line - 165th Street Parking Lot Entrance/Exit (tentative and subject to change)

The following is a sequence of milestone events and approximate dates of occurrence associated with this emergency repair and parking lot entrance/exit relocation:

  1. Receive NYC Department of Transportation and NYC Department of Building – completed.
  2. Modify the Handicap Parking Area, Public Safety Spaces and Reserve Car Spaces for York College – by 07/30/2015.
  3. Commence setup, material delivery, and staging of excavation work – by 07/31/2015.
  4. Begin Excavation – by 08/01/2015.
  5. Open 165th parking lot entrance/exit – by 08/03/2015.
  6. Restrict regular vehicles use of Guy R. Brewer parking lot entrance/exit – by 08/03/2015.
  7. Facilitate Emergency Repair Process 08/01/2015 to 10/16/2015.
  8. Complete installation and testing of new piping system – by 10/16/2015.
  9. Permit regular vehicles use of Guy R. Brewer parking lot entrance/exit – by 10/17/2015.
  10. Close 165th parking lot entrance/exit – by 10/17/2015.
  11. Return the Handicap Parking, Public Safety and Reserve Parking Areas to their normal configuration – by 10/19/2015.

Thank you in advance for your continued support, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

James Minto, Executive Director of Facilities Planning and Operations