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Dr. Persaud and Prof. Yuan publish an article in the Journal of Community Health

By Siah Prince

“Cheers! To Dr. Harrynauth Persaud and Professor Jeanetta Yuan, who published an article last month to the Journal of Community Health.  This article is a product of Dr. Persaud’s research from his Doctor of Public Health Degree completed at SUNY Downstate Health Science University.  We congratulate both of them for their article titled: “Barriers to Prostate Cancer Screening Among Indo-Guyanese.

Dr. Persaud, an Associate Professor and the Associate Director of the Physician Assistant program. He is also a graduate of the PA program and the Medical Technology program here at York. Prof. Yuan is a Clinical Professor, as well as the Chair of Admissions in the Physician Assistant Program. Both Dr. Persaud and Prof. Yuan maintained a passion for the practice, teaching, and research of community health. They focus their research on immigrant health, bridging the gap in healthcare disparities that exists within the poor and underserved communities.

This article is informative on many levels, it delves into the intersection of socioeconomics and healthcare. Extensive data and qualitative research explain why men, particularly, Indo-Guyanese men, are not being tested or provided information about prostate cancer screenings. Dr. Persaud points out “it is possible (that) this deficiency is also applicable to many other disease states”, and this may not be the only problem fueled by misinformation and underserved resources. He suggests that “by collaborating with healthcare providers and other stakeholders, such as community leaders and elected officials, we can develop culturally appropriate services specific to this population to address these barriers to healthcare services”. It is important to continue connecting people to the resources that could best serve their needs, despite the tumultuous time it's possible to bring forth change!

The full version article can be viewed at:

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