CUNYfirst MyInfo is Here!

Use MyInfo for quick lookup of your important academic information CUNYfirst MyInfo is intended to give students, faculty and staff quick lookup (i.e., read-only) access to information that may be critical, especially at the start of the new semester. If you are unable to access CUNYfirst, you may check your schedule, your textbook list, your program plan and more through MyInfo.

How Do I Get Started?

Go to MyInfo and log in with Your CUNY Portal/Blackboard Username and password NOT your CUNYfirst user name and password. (If you have forgotten your CUNY Portal user name and password go HERE to recover or reset them).

Even if CUNYfirst is fully operational, MyInfo is a good place to quickly check your schedule, your textbook list and more.

Where Can I Find MyInfo?

MyInfo is available on the CUNYfirst login page, the CUNY Portal login page, and from within Blackboard.