CUNY Pathways and CUNYfirst Training

In the coming weeks and months York College will join the rest of CUNY in a large-scale and consequential transition to introduce two major new systems and sets of procedures - Pathways and CUNYfirst; the latter already is being used on some campuses.

Starting in Fall 2013, CUNY will implement the Pathways initiative which establishes a new system of general education requirements and new transfer guidelines across CUNY. In doing so, CUNY goes a step further in pursuing educational excellence while easing student transfer between CUNY colleges. Pathways have three elements: the Required Common Core, the Flexible Common Core, and, for students in bachelor’s degree programs, the College Option Requirement. Overall, CUNY seeks to provide students with well-rounded knowledge, a critical appreciation of diverse cultural and intellectual traditions, an interest in relating the past to the current complex, world and the ability to help society create a fresh and enlightened future.

Even earlier, and currently ongoing, we will join the CUNYfirst system. CUNYfirst stands for Fully Integrated Resources and Services Too. It will replace aging legacy systems like SIMS and CUPS, and help us streamline and standardize many things at York and across CUNY. For example, grades for this semester will be entered through the CUNYfirst system.

To achieve a smooth transition for all, it is essential that all our faculty are properly trained and prepared to use both CUNYfirst and Pathways. Thus, in the coming weeks, the College will offer a series of non-optional training sessions to introduce and prepare you to use both systems. Adjunct faculty will be compensated appropriately for their participation in these training sessions, which will be scheduled during workdays, evenings and weekends to be as accommodating as possible.

Please look out for forthcoming specific information for adjunct faculty training and respond to the registration requirements for these workshops. Once all college personnel become familiar with the new systems, and any possible technical glitches are corrected, the advantages of CUNYfirst and Pathways are expected to become evident quickly. Thank you for helping to achieve a smooth transition.,