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Credit/No Credit is available this fall semester

The option to convert some or all of your grades to Credit/No Credit is available this fall semester for some courses.

CUNY is giving colleges the option of applying the Spring 2020 CR/NC policy to the Fall 2020 semester.  As with last spring, students will be able to opt-in to CR/NC grades for courses during an “opt-in window” which will begin after December 23, 2020.

Based on discussions with faculty and student governing bodies, York will apply the spring 2020 CR/NC policy to this semester, but will exclude specific courses in specific programs.  Courses with the following prefixes (and numbers) will NOT offer the CR/NC option:

  • ANTH (220, 321)
  • CLS
  • CS (172 and higher)
  • EDUC
  • EHS (200 and higher)
  • HPPA
  • MATH (121, 122, 200-level and higher)
  • NURS
  • PHIL 202
  • PHYS
  • POL (110 and higher)
  • PSY (200 and higher)
  • SOC (200 and higher)
  • SCWK

Under the new flexible grading policy, after final grades are posted by faculty, you can choose to convert the traditional letter grade you earned in most courses (any grade from B+ to D-), into a grade of Credit (“CR”) or F to No Credit (“NC”). Unlike traditional letter grades, which affect your grade point average (“GPA”), grades of Credit or No Credit will not factor into your GPA.

It is important you understand that using the Fall 2020 flexible grading policy is not mandatory. You can select this option for one or more courses, even for all courses. You can also choose to keep whatever traditional letter grades you earn.

What should you do right now?

Aside from contacting your academic and financial aid advisors, there is not much to do right now. We will inform you of the date to select the Fall 2020 Flexible Grading Policy and the process to do so once this has been determined.


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