Online Parking System for Registered Students and Active Faculty/Staff

We are pleased to announce the release of a York Online Parking System for all registered students and active faculty and staff members.

Registered students and active employees will now be able to pay for York Parking Permits and resolve Violations online using a credit card. This will streamline these processes and reduce Parking Permit issuance to a single visit to the Public Safety Office without the need to stop at the Bursar's Office . It is anticipated that this new way of purchasing Parking Permits and paying York violations will substantially reduce wait times during high volume periods and simplify these processes for members of the campus community.

In order to access and use the York Online Parking Permit and Violations Payment System, students need to be registered for class(es) in the current semester and have an active York Network ID. Faculty and staff wishing to purchase/pay via this new method will need to be currently active employees and also have an active York Network account.

The new Online Parking System will be available via the College's Public Safety Webpage for the purchase of Summer Semester Parking Permits effective Thursday, May 28, 2015.

This system is NOT presently available for use by Research Foundation Employees, Continuing Education students, or visitors to campus. Individuals in those groups will continue to arrange for their Parking Permits and pay Violations using the standard process. See York's Public Safety Web Page for details. A link is provided above

If you are unable or choose not to use the Yorks Online Parking System you will need to use the standard methods. Consult the Public Safety Web page for instructions.

If you experience any problems while using the Online Parking System, please contact the College's Service Desk via the Yconnect Online Self Service Ticketing System. If unable to do this, you can call 718-262-5311.