Construction Notice - AC Building Select Brick Facade Demolition

The Phase I repairs to the exterior façade of the AC Building (i.e., application of new improved exterior window sealant [completed], re-glazing of the “saw-tooth” atrium sky-lights [on-going], re-flashing along the roofing areas [on-going] and the demolition/replacement of façade brick work [about to commence] is in full swing and scheduled for project completion during by mid-Spring 2016 semester.

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, July 8th (barring any inclement weather) from 7 am until 3 pm there will be heavy “chipping noises” along the Liberty Avenue side of the AC Building due to operations of machinery needed to demolish several select rows of bricks above select windows of the building façade.  This segment of the brick façade demolition above the windows is expected to last for two (2) weeks.  As the new segment areas of brick façade demolition work are scheduled, I will be notifying the York College community of the affected area and duration.  

The demolition will expose the steel supporting lintel to allow the contractors the necessary access behind the brick work to repair the building's waterproofing system above the windows.  After the waterproofing system repairs are completed the exposed steel supporting lintels will be covered with plastic until the new replacement façade bricks are fully fabricated and shipped to York College by mid-August 2015.  Once the new bricks are on site they will be inserted into the building façade where the original brick demolition occurred, to fully complete this phase of repair.

 The following rooms along the Liberty Avenue side of the AC Building that will receive the greatest noise impact during the brick demolition will be: 1H06B, C, D, G, F, 2H01E, 2H01, 2H01D, 2H03C, 2H03, 2H03D, 2H05F, 3H10C, 3H10, 3H10B and 3H11. All rooms adjacent to the aforementioned will also experience some noise impact. 

We ask that all the windows associated with the above room locations remain closed during this segment of the façade brick demolition process. Please see the diagram below for detail of the impacted area.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I thank you for your continued patience and support during these crucial phased repairs to our AC Building.

-James Minto