Commuter Benefit Increase

Legislation was recently passed to increase the pre-tax limit on the Commuter Benefit for both Transit and Commuter Parking for 2015 to $250/month ($125 bi-weekly) retroactive. The monthly pre-tax limit for 2016 is now $255/month ($127.50 biweekly) for both the Transit and Commuter Parking.

Employees who were enrolled in the Commuter Benefits program in 2015 and who currently do not have a post-tax deduction, may elect to increase their monthly tax-free deduction to $255.00.  Those who would like to adjust the amount of their pre-tax contribution should complete an enrollment form to request a change to their bi-weekly deduction.  An enrollment form is attached for your convenience.

As a reminder, once an employee terminates employment from any CUNY campus, they have 90 days to use all the funds in their Commuter Benefit account, otherwise they will forfeit the remaining funds. You can check your account balance at WageWorks by logging on to or by calling WageWorks customer service at 877-924-3967.

 Brigette Major

Benefits Specialist

York College/City University of New York