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Alumnus Charles Clink '19 continues to feed the homeless

Charles Clink '19 continues to feed the homeless in NYC.

 Alumnus Charles Clink '19 and his three friends Andrean Greaves, José Escobar and Reggie Brower continue to feed the NYC homeless community through the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

When asked why he chooses to support the homeless population he first explained how his actions were inspired by the comedian/activist Activist D.L. Hughley, "My idea to feed the homeless came from a post that D.L. Hughley posted on his Instagram. During that time, California had been on lockdown. And a sister was feeding the community. I thought to do something similar over here." 
Secondly, he explains the importance of helping those who have often overlooked, "The two populations that would be affected during the "pandemic" would be the homeless and elderly.The homeless, on the other hand, were a population that has always been neglected. Especially those out on the streets, parks, and subways. So, I just went for it."

So far they have hand-delivered 310 "We Care" food packages, to the Atlantic House Men's Shelter in Brooklyn and another Shelter in Queens. 

Charles,  Andrean, Reggie, and Jose, keep up the great work! Our community appreciates it. #YorkStrong

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