Avoiding Phishing Scams

CUNY/CIS Information Security reminds the CUNY community to remain vigilant of potential phishing emails. We are aware of two such scams in the last few days: (1) a fraudulent email sent to university employees indicating a change in their human resource status, which directs the employee to login to their human resources website (see Alert below); and (2) a fraudulent email asking for an update of an IRS e-file.

These types of phishing scams are common at this time of year. To avoid such campaigns that could result in a security breach, identity theft or financial loss:

  • Approach all unsolicited offers and communications with skepticism and caution
  • Do not follow unsolicited links or download attachments from unknown sources
  • Always compare a link in an email to the link you are actually directed to and determine if it matches and will lead you to a legitimate site
  • Refer to advisories posted at security.cuny.edu under "CUNY Issued Security Advisories"

If you have any questions about an email, please contact York College Service Desk, 718-262-5300.