Anthem Offers Identity Theft Repair to CUNY Employees Impacted by Cyber Attack

Anthem, Inc. Offers Identify Theft Repair and Credit Monitoring Services to CUNY Employees Affected by Cyber-Attack Anthem, Inc. is the parent company of Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield (Empire), which provides hospital benefits to many current and former CUNY employees. Anthem was recently the victim of a highly-sophisticated cyber-attack that compromised the security of Empire members' information.

Anthem has announced that it will launch Credit Repair Services for CUNY's Empire members who may have been affected by the cyber-attack. These services will be available at no cost for a period of 24 months to all current and former CUNY employees who have participated in an Empire plan dating back to 2004. Identity theft repair services have already been secured for each member. Other services such as credit monitoring and child identity protection are also available.
If you have given Empire your email address, you will shortly receive an email about the identity protection and credit monitoring services being offered. The subject line of the email will be "Important Message From Anthem, Inc." The email will not ask for any personal information. Empire is required to send this email due to state laws regarding security breach notifications.
The vendor that Anthem has engaged is AllClear ID, a nationally recognized company that has worked on some of the largest recent security breaches including those at Home Depot and Sony.
CUNY employees who are or were members of Empire can enroll at any time during the 24-month coverage period, at no cost. Learn how to sign up at or call 877-263-7995. Spanish-speaking members can visit or call 877-263-7995 and ask for assistance in Spanish. Phone lines will be open 9 AM to 9 PM EST, Monday-Saturday.
For additional information regarding the protections being offered by Anthem, please click on the following
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