Academic Core Building Water Infiltration Update

Many of you are aware that there has been an ongoing issue of groundwater infiltration in the sub-basement of the Academic Core Building. In seeking a solution, a consulting firm named Tectonic was retained by the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY). During the course of the study, Tectonic tested the groundwater in wells around the campus and discovered detectable concentrations of the chemical known as tetrachloroethene, or PCE, in two wells near the Performing Arts Center. Tectonic then tested groundwater samples in the sub-basement of the Academic Core Building and reported that it found "the presence of PCE below NYSDEC groundwater standards." Air samples in both the Performing Arts Center and Academic Core Building were also tested; no PCE was detected in the air.

Groundwater infiltration into the Academic Core Building is confined to an isolated section of the sub-basement. Based on the data in the Tectonic report, PCE found in the groundwater pose no risk to students, faculty and staff of the college, nor to the drinking water supply, which comes from New York City's upstate water supply systems.

We continue to work with DASNY and the University Office for Facilities Planning, Construction, and Management to solve the groundwater infiltration problem. DASNY has retained the URS Corporation-New York (URS) to recommend and develop a solution to the groundwater infiltration problem in the Academic Core Building. As new information becomes available we will share it with you.