AC Building Exterior Repairs Project

At the onset of the investigation phase of this project approximately two (2) years a survey was conducted by CUNY Architects/Engineers to identify those locations throughout the AC Building that experienced water penetration directly above the windows during inclement weather.
To: Faculty & Staff
From: James Minto, Executive Director of Facilities Planning & Operations
Subject: AC Building Exterior Repairs Project – Request from Occupants Near Windows

Phase I repairs to address the leaks is underway and will be continuing throughout the summer.  Building & Grounds is seeking your help, please report all window areas in the AC Building that have previous leaks and/or currently show signs of new water damage during any rain event.  With your help in identifying all current window area water leaks we will be able to capture and address any new areas of water leaks that may have arisen since the survey was originally conducted.

To that end, I request your assistance during any current rain event in the following manner:

Upon observations of any water penetrations around the window areas during and immediately after any rain event please send me an email ( depicting:

  1. location area of active water leaks observed around windows
  2. pictures (if possible) of new water damage to plaster above windows
  3. exact office/room/area location of new water leak around windows

Thank you,