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Ready for Take Off

Thank you to NYS Assemblywoman Alicia Hyndman for her partnership and commitment to York College students!

Assembly Member Hyndman made $125,000 available through the NYS Municipal Assistance Program making it possible for York College to have a new state-of-the art Flight Simulator called “The Red Bird” for its Aviation Management degree program. At the ribbon cutting, students Edison Mei and Jada Cassell shared their experiences of sitting in the pilot’s seat. Once Jada sat behind the controls, she said, “I knew I was born to fly!” The FAA expects Flight Dispatchers and Air Traffic Controllers to know the language and experience of pilots, making the new Flight Simulator Training essential to preparing students for their degrees and the workforce.  

Joining York College President Johnson Eanes for the ribbon cutting were Assemblywoman Hyndman, Councilwoman Nantasha Williams, Assemblyman Clyde Vanel, and a representative from Senator Leroy Comrie’s office.  Interested undergraduate or graduate Aviation Management degrees or our other fantastic majors, contact