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Geology Alum Accepted into Tufts University for Grad Program

York College graduate Jasmin Budhan ’19 was a highly accomplished Earth and Physical Science student throughout her time at York College. Now she is off to pursue a graduate degree at Tufts University’s School of Engineering, with $45,000 in scholarship and aid.

At York Budhan was a busy researcher, winning a Brownfield Award in 2017 and 2018, respectively. She also attended Geo Science conferences along with her mentor, Dr. Nazrul Khandaker and fellow students. She won scholarships Geology Grad Accepted into Graduate School to Study Sustainability for study abroad and participated in undergraduate research at York.

In her own words, Jasmin recently shared her joy and her back story:

“On May 27, I received an acceptance letter from Tufts University’s School of Engineering MS in Sustainability in the Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning. A few days later I received my official acceptance with a tuition scholarship of $22,000 and $23,000 in Aid.

I was born in the US. My father grew up in Guyana with his five siblings taking care of one another and never completing more than a fourth-grade education. My mother is a mixed woman of 

Jasmin Budhan  in graduation regalia

African American and Native American descent, who completed her associates [degree] at a community college.

This acceptance into Tufts University has shown me that it is possible to come from very little and use that as motivation to go wherever my heart leads me. I am so grateful to all of the students and mentors I've met at York College who inspired me and kept me moving in the right direction.

I am grateful for all that I've learned about my culture, history, and diversity from attending York College. I am so excited to bring such a diverse comprehension forward on my journey so that others can see that we all can succeed and go to whichever schools are best for what we plan on bringing to the world.

And I'd say to other students who are graduating or still in school; please do not stop going after your dreams. It is okay to build a career outside of the norm. Now more than ever we need people who are positively passionate about what they do to hold certain positions. Let's continue to educate ourselves and strive for success and integrate a better future for not just ourselves, but generations to come.”

Dr. Khadaker expressed pride in his former student. “Jasmin is an avid environmental [advocate] and deeply cares about the sustainability of the environment,” said Khandaker. “[Teaching] at York for more than 17 years, I find Jasmin to be extremely outgoing and adventurous. I taught well-over 100 geology undergraduate students since 2003 and admirably, she is the only one, who wanted to go overseas and eventually enrolled in field geology course in New Zealand. I find it very thrilling and exceptional.”

Professor Khandaker added that the department at York is proud of Budhan and believes in her “potential to succeed at Tufts and continue to build applied geoscience knowledge towards understanding issues related to Urban and Environmental Policies.”

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