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Where to find Live Bb and Tech support for classes?

Find out where and when to find live! one-on-one support for Bb and Technologies for class.

Our CTLET staff is ready to provide live! one-on-one support for Bb issues, from installing software to producing home-made instructional videos or for questions about devices and accessories.

Find us in the Bb Homepage > My Organizations > CTLET.

CTLET organization in Bb Homepage image

You can also access the CTLET support rooms by clicking on the "Bb & Tech Support" link in your Bb courses' menu.

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Live Support Room hours

Live! Blackboard (Bb) Support for Faculty, Students and Staff
Mondays - Thursdays:  9 AM - 5 PM  (Except holidays)
Fridays: by appointment via email

Live! Device and Accessories Support
Please contact Elizabeth Chow at

On Campus Equipment Room hours (except holidays)

Mondays - Thursdays:  8:30 AM - 5:30 PM 
Fridays: 8:30 AM - 5 PM