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The NSF S-STEM Program Team at York College.Please email us at with any questions.

Dr. Thitima Srivatanakul, Principal InvestigatorThe NSF S-STEM Program Team at York College Dr. Thitima Srivatanakul, Principal Investigator

Phone: (718) 262-2545
Office Location: AC-2C07

Dr. Radoslaw Wojciechowski, co-Principal InvestigatorRadoslaw

Phone: 718-262-3855
Office Location: AC-2C07E

Dr. Leslie Keiler, co-Principal Investigator/Education ResearcherHeadshot of Leslie Keiler

Phone: 718-262-2453
Office Location: AC-1D12D

Dr. Fenio Annansingh-Jamieson, co-Principal InvestigatorFenio Annansingh-Jamieson, assistant professor in the department of business and economics, is a member of the WAC advisory committee.

Phone: (718) 262-5289
Office Location: AC-2B06N

Dr. Derrick Brazill, co-Principal Investigator/STEM Administrator

Phone: 718-262-5165
Office Location: AC-2H07

Dr. Efstathia Korkou, Project Senior PersonnelDr Korkou

Phone: 718-262-5275
Office Location: AC-2B06B