Portraiture by Mary Hatch

During Fall 2009, the York Library exhibited works by Mary Hatch, featuring portraiture in ink, marker and wax rubbing on paper and wood. Click on the link to read more about it.
Portraiture by Mary Hatch

Pen and marker with linoleum stamp wax-rubbings on receipt paper

The focus of the exhibit was portraiture. While the artist turns her honest and humorous eye on friends, family and beloved dog, the mainstay of her work is herself, presented doing everything from picking her nose, riding her unicycle, playing the violin, to lifting her arms to show her underarm stains. In addition to having exhibited her own work, Mary Hatch along with friends has organized and curated a large collective of portraits done by young people for a gallery show in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 

Mary Hatch, who was 19 years old at the time of the exhibit, was born in Queens, NY, where she attended local public schools PS 18 and MS 172.  A graduate of La Guardia High School in Manhattan, she went on to study at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA.

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