I've Got My VPN User and Password, Now What?

With your VPN user and password you can now proceed with installing Network Connect, a necessary Java applet that you will use to create secure network connections.
You're ready to go to the next step. If you have not done so, you'll need to install the VPN client called Network Connect on your the machine you plan using outside the College. This installation procedure only needs be done once. Netconnect will be installed and this application will be used to invoke VPN access.
  1. You must have the most current version of Sun Java installed to proceed.
  • Once you have Java installed..
  • Point your web browser to https:/vpn.york.cuny.edu
  • Login using your VPN password by using the fields and press enter/return.
  • Click the "Client Apps" link on the top right. Click the start button to install Network Connect. Again this installation is a onetime only process.
  • Now that we have the Network Connect application installed, you are ready to proceed to the next section: configuring your web applications.