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York College Background

Planning Committee (2006-2007)

Technology Fee Planning Committee (2006-2007)

Linda Barley, email
Jerald Posman, email
Che-Tsao Huang, email
William Ashton, email
Sharon Davidson, email
Carolyn Kirkpatrick, email
Robert Machalow, email
Elizabeth Meddeb, email
Timothy Paglione, email
Chau Song Ou, email
Frances Peterson, email
Howard Ruttenberg, email
Phillips Simkin, email
Sham Srivastava, email
Tsu-Chih Wu, email

Romeo Seenjam, email
Ethan Dyer, email
Vioela J. Caze, email
Tanagra Bledman, email
Diana Henry, email
Latresha Richards, email