Tech Fee Plan

Technology Fee Plan (2006-2007)

 1  College Assistants (includes fringes @ 10%):
To provide support in the following areas: Computer Lab, Helpdesk, Email, Portal, WLAN, Language Lab, Blackboard, Computer Coursework, Video, and Podcasting.
 2  Computer & Departmental Labs:
Software, Hardware, Consumables, and Maintenance for the following Instructional Labs: Biology, Geology, Health Science, Health Promotion, Physics, Fine Arts, Multimedia, and Writing Center.
 3  Network Infrastructure:
Server Hardware and Software to enable the upgrade of Student mail services, as well as centralized server services for the following Departments/Initiatives: HARP Research Pool, Podcasting, Career Development, and Student Financial Services

 4  Library Services:
Includes the addition of 25 PC's and monies for Research Database Subscriptions.
 5  Faculty/Staff Hardware Upgrades:
Upgrade of 30 PC's, 10 Printers, and 5 New Loaner Laptops.
 6  Academic Computing:
Hardware to support of the following Instructional Initiatives: 5 Mobile Smart Classrooms, Podcasting, Classroom Audio Equipment, Video and Multimedia Editing Equipment for Television Studio
7  Teacher Education Assessment Software:
Server License Fee (year 2) for TK20 Software
 8  Curricular Integration of Technology:
PS awards of $1000 to be made by the Tech Fee Committee based on faculty RFP submissions for technology uses in instruction
 9  Bursar's Office Software/Hardware:
Implementation of "Who is Next" System to better service Students and Staff
 10  CareerPlanning Software:
Online Career Planning Software (e-Discovery License)
 11  Students with Disabilities Software:
PC Display Enlargement Software
 12  Counseling Office Hardware:
PC Upgrade in Director's Office   
 13  Online Tutorial Service:
Software License for Online Tutorial Service
 14  Student Government Website:
PS monies allocated for the development and maintenance of the York Student Government website.
 15  Expansion of Network Copier Hardware Services:
Acquisition and installation of 2 additional copiers in the Library and one in each of two campus buildings that have no current copying equipment
 16  Upgrade of Technology in College Club Offices:
11 Computers and one network printer to be installed within the Club Offices. This includes building a 4 station kiosk for Clubs that do not have offices. Cabling, electrical, and computer furniture has been included
 17  Cyber Lounge in Academic Core Building:
A Cyber Lounge will be built in the Academic Core Building for Student use. Allocation includes Hardware, Electrical, and Cabling costs, as well as monies to appropriately furnish space.
 18  York Radio Station Development:
These monies will be contributed to the development of a York Student Radio Station on Campus.
 19  Enterprise Student Initiatives:
Central charge for Blackboard and other Technology Initiatives

 Total FY 2006-2007 Tech Fee Budget: