Tech Fee Plan

Technology Fee Plan (2003-2004)

Continuation of 2002-03 initiatives; now a recurring cost.

1. Upgrading the Computer Labs*         
Lab 2E03 in the Academic Core and a complex of computer labs (C201) on the second floor in the Classroom Building (C201) contain about 280 computers. These labs serve students College wide and are used by 90-100 courses across all disciplines each semester. We plan to continue improving support services by correcting deficiencies in the labs: a) insufficient software, b) outdated PC’s, c) outdated printers, d) inadequate lab hours, e) lack of tutorial support, and f) insufficient paper and cartridges.

  1. Software
    Upgrade current software and add new software in the general labs*, $5,184. Upgrade current software and add new specialized software in Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences*, $5,000. Blackboard $10,816.
  2. Hardware*
    Acquire 80 Pentium 4 computers to replace outdated Pentium II PC’s in the labs, @ $1,200. Six of them are to be assigned to Dr. Hendrickson – Student Development.
  3. Printers*
    Purchase 2HP network printers (4100 DPN) to replace outdated Epson dot-matrix printers, @ $2,100.
  4. Lab Hours*
    Extend 24 lab hours per week. Lab C201 will be open from 9-10, instead of the 9-9, Monday-Thursday; Lab 2E03 will be open from 9-10 instead of the current 9-5, Monday-Thursday. No change in the current schedule of Friday (9-5) and Saturday (9-5). Lab closed on Sunday. Part-time college assistants, $12 x 24 hours x 52 weeks = $14,976.
  5. Tutors in Lab*
    Provide tutors to help students in the labs with problems relating to computer applications used in their course work in the labs. Part-time tutors: 2 tutors x $10 x 8 hrs. x 6 days x 17 weeks x 2 semesters.
  6. Supplies and Cartridges*
    Supplement printer cartridges and printer paper in the labs.
2. Supporting Student E-mail Accounts*

York College e-mail accounts have been issued to all students. Technical assistant to provide support for student users. Part-time college assistant to assist in this task: $15 x 20 hrs. x 17 weeks x 2 semester.

3. Establishing an Online Student Career Planning System*
College assistants are assigned to work with students to establish and maintain email accounts and to utilize web access to services including the CUNY portal. As the College moves to the University email solution, support will be provided for the conversation and maintenance services.

4. Expanding Subscription to Databases in the Library*
An online interactive system of career planning to allow both staff and students to have access to Discover (a database on career planning and job opportunities) was purchased and installed last year to enable all networked computers on campus to access the database. License renewal of Internet version for unlimited use:$850; purchase of CD-ROM: $1,800.

5. Enhancing Student Access to Computers and the Internet*

  1. Wireless LAN*  $10,200
    Wireless LAN has been installed in the Atrium, the lecture halls, the library, conference rooms, the faculty dining room, and the student cafeteria. Technical assistants to provide support for users: $15 x 20 hrs. x 17 weeks x 2 semesters.

  2. Kiosks* $1,000
    Installation of 6 kiosks in the Atrium and student cafeteria is in progress. Only supplies requested.

  3. Special Needs* $700
    Ensure that computer and network facilities are accessible to students with special needs. Purchase and install software such as Zoomtext to serve visually impaired students: $700.

6. Maintaining Remote Dial Up Access* $9,200
A channelized T1 line was installed and a remote server was purchased in 2002-03 to improve remote dialup access to the College and the Internet resources. Annual lease of the T1 line, @$7,200. Additional cost of relocating another T1 from the H-wing to Room 2E03: $2,000.

7. Supporting the Student Technology Room* $16,000
The Student Government Computer Lab was upgraded with Pentium 4 computers, HP printer, scanner, digital camera, and new software. Lab assistants: $10 x 40 hrs. x 15 weeks x 2 semesters; Technical staff: $20 x 200 hrs.

8. Realizing Curricular Goals of Technology* $45,253
In order to implement the recommendations of the University Task Force on Educational Technology, York has begun to develop a technological competency program to realize curricular goals of technology for students. Faculty for the development and administration of placement tests and the teaching of computer literacy courses: $45,253.

9. Expanding Smart Classroom and Providing Mobile LCD Projectors*  $15,200
Purchase 8 Dell Latitude C840 laptop units to enable instructors to use the Internet in the classrooms: @ $1,900.

10. Enhancing Technical Support*
Provide technical support; trouble shoot computer hardware and software problems in classrooms and in faculty and staff offices; trouble shoot network problems, etc. A full-time position of technical support and help desk manager.

11. Enhancing the York College Web Site*

An interim Webmaster was hired in February 2003 to design, maintain, Enhance, and regularly update the College web site.

12. Expanding Faculty Development Activities*
As planned, York College appointed an Instructional technologist in December 2002 to oversee the faculty development program, offer ongoing academic technology workshops on such topics as Blackboard and Power Point, assist faculty members in developing web-based and online courses, and manage the Blackboard server.

10 + 11 + 12                                                                 $146,841

13. Improving the Maintenance of the Existing Computers and Network Systems*

Parts and supplies as well as service contracts will be purchased to support the operation and maintenance of the new equipment purchased and the new facilities established with Technology Fee allocations.

14. Enhancing the Security of the York College Network System
Network security has become increasingly important issue with increasing use and with the expanded network systems:

Nokia/Checkpoint High Available firewall system, redundant unit, including hardware software license, configuration and installation: $10,000. (Additional components to be purchased with other sources of funding.)

Distributed Sniffer solution:

Webshield e1000 appliance, virus protection solution system, hardware and software:

Network security and systems manager: develop and manage network security policies and procedures, monitor network activities, protect network against intrusion and viruses, safeguard network data, privacy and rights, assist the network manager.

15. Assisting Teacher Education Students in Developing Lesson Plans
TaskStream software for development of lesson plans: $800. A subscription to -- an antiplagiarism license: $1,500.

16. Fringe Benefits
Full-time positions: $241,470 x 28%. $67,611
Part-time employees: $ 84,016 x 10% $8,401

Total: $674,404