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Xerox support for issues and supplies

Here you can find out how to initiate a support event with Xerox as well as order supplies. Read carefully as service for incidents have a strict process that if followed correctly will help expedite issues in an orderly manner.

Whenever an issue arises with the Xerox unit in your area the current protocol is to place a call or open a ticket with Xerox directly. You can do this via call the toll free number at 855-282-4690 or using the Xerox Portal the link which can be found under the heading Xerox Portal on this web site. When calling Xerox you will be asked for some required information as follows:

1. Name

2. Phone number

3. Site Address, building and floor number

4. Xerox asset tag number or serial number which is clearly displayed on your unit (if this information is not available contact York Service Desk at Ext. 5311)

5. Brief problem description or supply order you require

Be prepared for the 5 pieces of information above before calling and Xerox will take care of the rest. A ticket will be opened in their incident management  If needed Xerox will contact the York Service Desk if it turns out the issue is not related to the printing device. In some cases it may require a joint effort in order to resolve issues.

If the issue results in a serious outage, IT is prepared to provide alternate options for printing. The York Service Desk is able to view Xerox tickets as well as order supplies should access or circumstances call for it. This information may be updated without notice so please visit this area often as we will continue to improve service delivery and any new information Xerox may update as needed.


Important: Please be aware that under no circumstances should Xerox printing devices be moved without the involvement and notice to York Information Technology. All Xerox devices are location configured to exacting specifications making Xerox and York IT's ability to support the units extremely flexible. Additionally, supplies will be shipped directly to locations where models are located and any movement without notice will break this setup.


Note: Recycle used cartridge(s) - Get prepaid mailing labels that can be printed from and affixed to the replacement item box. If no label is available for this item, follow the instructions to visit the website as Xerox may recommend local recycling for this item.


For Supplies:  Xerox proactively monitors consumable (anything device related with the exception of paper) levels for devices under the Print Smart Program. The consumables are automatically ordered through the proactive monitoring process and shipped to the device contact.  You will only need to replace the toner when you receive the “Toner Replacement” message. There is a portal that key contacts in your area have access to should supplies be needed due to this monitoring process having an issue. In these cases you can visit the Xerox Portal and place an order for supplies at: