What Are Some Of The Long Term Benefits

What are some of the long term benefits of refreshing most of the computers on campus, having every single computer that plugs into the network on the same operating system with the same base standard software?

The following is a list of benefits we believe will have an impact at York College as a result of this migration:

1. All the old problems go away and make way for new ones, hopefully less of them.

2. Support will not longer need to memorize a variety of fixes for the same problems due to differences in systems.

3. A complete inventory update means every system is known to IT in terms of users and location and configuration.

4. Windows 7 so far has proven to be faster and improve overall system performance in the installations to date (700+)

5. New appliances are in use for the first time that allow for the management of this entire fleet. This means our support reach can be centralized for events requiring updating, adding and even repairing these new systems from remote.*

6. Service Analyse will see your system for the first time due to the improved reporting and inventory controls put in place as a result of this massive refresh. This means they can tell what they are working with and instead of reporting problems based on the user will be reporting problems based on the fleet which allows for future analysis for fleet performance.

7. Compatibility issues will be a thing of the past. Sending each other files when everyone is on the same platform makes work better since we will all be on the same page hardware and software wise.

8. The Warranty period gives us time to insure future refreshes occur in a timely manner maintaining all the above benefits.

These were just some of the benefits we thought of, there may be more and we will be sure to add them as we move forward.