Technical Support During this period?

How will our Service Desk and Desktop support be affected during this massive campus wide deployment?

The migration off of Windows XP /Office 2003 campus wide will have a negative impact on technical support during the active deployment period which has already started and will not end until April 2014.

While services were included in this particular procurement of Dell computers (we will have Dell helping with the installations of computer system everyday) our staff are part of this deployment and will spend time everyday on tasks related to same.

This will greatly reduce our ability to maintain current levels which have been impacted by recent departures of resources which we are attempting to re-supply.

We will be triaging all of the support requests and prioritizing them based on urgency. Unless your issue stops you from doing work on the computer there will be a delay of when a technician may show up. It is possible that by the time you get support you already have been migrated thus removing the issue completely. We will not depend on this as a remedy but are very aware that this can happen based on the speed in which this project must be executed.

We strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of using YConnect Self Service. This way even though we may not get to your issue immediately, it will not fall through the cracks. You will have immediate reference data the minute you use this system and we will be alerted. To use this system from your Internet Explorer browser simply type the word "YConnect" on the address bar or you can use the Login drop down on the top right hand side of our York web site and select "Service Desk". Once the form comes up select a root category type and start typing a brief description and submit.

We appoligize ahead of time. We will do our very best. Your issue is important to us. If it's an emergency follow the escalation protocol for getting in touch with managers as necessary.

We ask for your patience and flexibility during this period. When it's over I promise at minimum spring will be here and hopefully a much improved base of support capabilities.

Greg Vega

Director of Service Delivery Unit

York College Information Technology