Password Reset - What you need to know now

Your Network ID will need to be reset the night before migration when our IT team starts the back up of you My Documents folder. In order to successfully migrate your computer and insure brining over all your business critical data as well as some personal settings, access to your computer's profile is necessary at least twice during the migration.

What you need to know now:

Become familiar with your CUNYfirst EmpID. Your password when reset will temporarily be changed to your EmpID

If you do not know your CUNYfirst EmpID:

While on campus go to any browser and type the word, "YCdirectory" on the browser address line and hit enter (rdirectory will also work)

If you are logged into your computer the above will automatically put in the identity management program all faculty and staff have available to them for managing aspects of our directory contact information.

You Employee ID is a few lines from the bottom left side of the page. If this number is missing you must let us know immediately.

While off campus from any browser go to or and log into VPN with your current credentials. Once in the VPN menu look for YCDirectory and click on it.

You should not reset your password while we are still in the migration state. We will send you a Welcome email which will indicate what happens next. However, when the time comes for you to reset your password you can go to the following web page to help you with that: Here you can change your password, reset your password and edit your profile which is a must if you have never created your challenge questions.

The reason why we need to do this:

The migration off of Windows XP /Office 2003 will require login access to your computer in order for things related to your profile to successfully be migrated and tested. The ability to log into your computer with your credentials insures that personal settings, drive mappings, printer drivers and other profile specific attributes are properly tested.

The typical migration plan calls for you being present before, during and after we migrate your system. This will allow you to log in at certain intervals allowing the migration team to insure everything is working properly.

However, if you are not available the migration team still needs access to your computer and the only way to insure we complete the migration is to gain access. Under this circumstance the migration team will reset your password.

The convention we have decided on for your temporary password is your EmpID. If you do not know this please be sure to find out before your migration occurs. You should have your EmpID if you have claimed your account in CUNYfirst. This will be a temporary setting. You will need to reset the temporary password once you log in with it.

If you have any difficulty accessing your computer after the migration call the Service Desk at ext. 5311 or better yet open a self service ticket using YConnect by simply type "YConnect" on your browser while on campus and while off campus logging into VPN as explained above and from the VPN menu clicking on the YConnect option.