York College Migration Off Window 7 Plan

This is part of the ongoing improvement efforts to insure system security and maintenance of all devices on campus

What to expect from the Windows 7 and Office 2010 migration 2019-2020

When is the migration starting?

The migration has already started from last year, 2018. IT has been busy in the background ensuring that high priority areas that are the most vulnerable were initially migrated. This included large areas like the Library, Student Government, Classroom building and SEEK. 

When will I be migrated?

Everyone will start to see announcements regarding when IT is targeting your areas. IT will not migrate any machines until we have alerted and informed you of what to expect.

What is the plan?

This plan is very similar to 2014 when we migrated off Windows XP and onto Windows 7. The difference between then and now is that we learned a lot from that migration. The migration in 2014 coincided with the installation of new computers on a massive scale and the window of opportunity was compressed into only six weeks which was an impossible task but got completed on time and without much in the way of issues.

Differences now, for example, we have centralized "My Documents" storage. Centralized printing and centralized management of the entire computer fleet. While these changes over the years will make this migration a bit improved, the work, resources and time are amplified in light of IT having to go alone on this one. In 2014 we had help externally from Dell partner services due to the massive amounts of computers that were installed.

Regardless we are more than 50% completed and our plan is to be finished by early December 2019.

The plan calls for the following:

  • Communications to each department at least 1 week before migrations are scheduled
  • Data backup if your machine was never pointed to the network for storage of My Documents
  • Data survey in case you have any data saved outside of the normal storage locations
  • Saving of favorites
  • Saving of printers
  • Saving of Calendars
  • Possible resetting of passwords
  • Exception planning for special cases and needs especially during certain business cycles
  • Upgraded computers if necessary and when available to meet minimum Windows 10 system requirements

You will be hearing a general announcement if not already on more details. Visit this web site often as changes will be made as we move forward with the plan.