Windows 7 End of Life References

This page provides key links to information on Windows 7 end of life

Microsoft updated information on Windows 7 lifecylce


As you may be aware, as of January 14th, 2020, Microsoft will end its support of the outdated Windows 7 operating system and (Office 2010 productivity suite (Word 2010, Excel 2010, etc. will end support October 13, 2020). Consequently, after (January 14th, 2020)  Microsoft will no longer issue updates to address new security vulnerabilities that are discovered to affect this software.


Computers that continue to use Windows 7 and/or (MS Office 2010) after January 14th, 2020 are expected to be significantly more vulnerable to security risks and viruses, even with anti-virus protection. Further, use of unsupported commercial software is not in compliance with CUNY IT Security Procedures, may violate contractual terms of use and poses the additional compliance risk of an adverse finding in an internal or external audit.


Currently and for the past year, IT has been prioritizing resources as necessary to replace, upgrade or remove from the network all such affected computers before the deadline. We are at the halfway point but by no means out of the woods.


Most of the systems that were completed were on the students' side and in particular large labs like the Library, Student Government, Classroom building and SEEK. We are continuing to identify vulnerable computers in the areas of highest risk of data theft or loss – e.g., areas handling personally identifying and non-public university information such as finance, human resources, procurement, admissions, bursar, registrar, and student health.


Further, faculty, staff, and students who may use their own Windows 7 devices to access sensitive information are also vulnerable.  It is critical that everyone understand the risk of continuing to run Windows 7 Operating System devices on personal and locally-managed systems so that informed action is taken to maintain the security of information.

For more information  on the migration off and Windows 7 end of life details go to our page at W7EndOfLife