Windows 10 Helpful Resources

Helpful resources for Windows 10 after your migration off windows 7

The following links to Windows 10 resources are a best effort support initiative to help jump start your knowledge of Windows 10 especially if you are new to this operating system from Microsoft. These are not York developed references but are external links which have been carefully screened at the time of this migration in order to serve most of our clients needs. Please feel free to share any feedback or suggestions to IT in order to improve support for the new OS.

Windows 10 how to: 

The following are from and will require your login in order to use. You can access the videos via the York website at or you can download the app for your mobile devices.

Below is a short list of useful Windows 10 references to get you started:

  1. Using the Start Menu
  2. Access to Settings
  3. Locating Applications | Pinning Apps to Taskbar
  4. Launch applications from the Start menu or taskbar
  5. Using Windows Search and Cortana
  6. Managing Files: Using File Explorer
  7. Using the Action Center
  8. Sign In, Shutting Down, Restarting, and using Sleep Mode

The above list could change without notice. Save as favorites