What about my Laptop or other wireless devices

Laptop and the Windows 10 migration

Here is what you need to know

What to do

If you have a York provided Microsoft OS device such as a laptop or tablet, it needs to be checked for Windows 10 compatibility. If your unit does not pass the compatibility test it means it will not support the new operating system and will need to be replaced in order to support Windows 10 before the deadline of January 14, 2020.

After the deadline of January 14, 2020 only Windows 10 operating systems for PC's will be supported on the network work. Security safeguards will go into effect at that time to insure no PC devices with anything less than Windows 10 as its operating system will be allowed on the network. 

This means if your laptop was deemed below the standard and it was not upgraded before the deadline there is the potential the unit will not work on our network including the wifi network.

How to check if my laptop is compatible

You can find out if your laptop supports Windows 10 by either going to the manufacturers web site and looking for their compatibility information on your particular model or you can send in a question using the Windows 10 link here and we will get back to you with an answer: Migration Help

What do I need to do if my laptop is not supported

You will want to discuss this with your department head to see if funding is available in order to replace your unsupported device. IT can help with getting quotes for replacements that we can send directly to you in order for you to place orders for replacements. 

Links to manufacturers compatibility websites:

Dell - has a very comprehensive web site that also has a tool you can run on your existing hardware to check

IBM - Lenovo laptops also has a very comprehensive web site indicating which models were tested

HP - Has all the information you need to see what models have been tested

Please note if you are visiting the campus or you are an active student, faculty or staff and you have your own devices that normally connect to wifi at York, if any of those devices is on Windows 7 you will not be allowed to access the York network. Your device must support the current standard operating systems allowed. Windows 10 for PC's and tablets is the current supported standard.