Windows 10 Deployment

Windows 10 computer Operating System at York College

Microsoft Windows support and extended support for Windows 7 has ended as of January 14th, 2020. York College Office of Information Technology has been very active on insuring that we have all computers that meet the requirements to support windows 10. 

The Office of Information Technology has completed its migration plan which required the migration of some 2,500+ computers on campus.

If you still have a windows 7 computer please contact IT immediately as each day that passes beyond the deadline puts your system and the network at risk.

IT is still working in the background for the extensive cleanup process that now must be undertaken due to all the machines that were below the standard and can no longer be used anywhere. We also have inventory and asset management responsibilities to insure accurate records for audits and proper reporting so in short our work is really just beginning. 

The deployment consist of windows 10 OS upgrade and the upgrade to Microsoft Office 2016.

Under special circumstance there are some Windows 7 computers allowed to continue operations while there is an active plan between the client, IT and the vendors to move the systems forward with target dates for removal.

This is only accomplished by isolating those systems from the ability to be accessed and to have access outside the York Network. The machines can only operated internally thus creating a hard firewall which temporarily removes it from any threats. 

If you have a windows 7 machine and it is not under these circumstances, your machine will eventually stop working.

Please read information found here on other circumstances like your home machine that you use to connect to York and student owned devices that are still on Windows 7.

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