Windows 10 Deployment

Windows 10 computer Operating System at York College

While Microsoft ended general support for Windows 7 in 2015, extended support will continue until January 2020. York College Office of Information Technology has been very active on insuring that we have all computers that meet the requirements to support windows 10 upgraded way before the deadline for the expiration of extended support. 

The Office of Information Technology has a deployment plan which is well underway. Of the 2,400+ campus computers under management over 900+ are already on windows 10.  We have been working behind the scenes to make this as painless as possible. While this approach is making headway, we realize that soon the deployment plan will involve minor interruptions, some computer access down times and even some computer replacements for those systems that do not meet the minimum hardware requirements to support windows 10. 

Major areas already benefiting from the new operating system include all the student computers in the Library, the Student Government lab, all the Class Room building computers, the SEEK lab, Student Government Offices and campus Club Offices.  There are scattered Administrative Offices that have them including many of the Technology Equip classroom lecterns.

Reminders will be sent out as we get more aggressive with this campus wide critical deployment and additional information for support will also be posted to help with some of the new features of windows 10. 

The deployment consist of windows 10 OS upgrade and the upgrade to Microsoft Office 2016.

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