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Smart Classroom

Your New Phone

The new phone system is a voice over internet protocol system. This means instead of connecting to the old and outdated copper wires, it connects to our network system much like our computers. This page will help you get familiar with standard features of the phone. During the deployment period basics will be the focus.

The new VoIP phones performs the same basic features you would expect for a standard phone but there are a few extra things you will learn from the quick reference guides.  The goal of this initial deployment is to insure everyone can perform the basic task you have come to depend on and to insure the phones are operating according to the basic requirements.

Below is a list of some of the features you will learn about in the quick reference guides.Click on the link quick reference guides to go directly to these valuable learning references..

List of basic functions:

Voice mail box setup and greetings (everyone with a voice mail box will need to enroll initially to the voice mail system including departments who also have voice mail boxes for their departments main phone lines)

Dial Plan

Placing Calls

Answering Calls

Putting Calls On Hold

Call Transfer, Call Forward, Adding another person to a call


Managing Directory Contacts

Call History

Speaker Phone

Speed Dial

Managing your phone from the Web 

Dialing outside the campus 

If you are having trouble with your new phone you can contact the IT Service Desk at ext. 5311. Or open a self service ticket via the Yconnect portal.