What happens to my old phone?

Initially the current Mitel phone will not be removed from your desk. This will still be the main phone and the current means of internal and external contact as well as the voice mail system.

The initial deployment of the new Cisco VoIP phones will allow time to test basic functions and set up your new voice mail. The existing voice mail system will not be able to be migrated so if you have critcal messages you have saved, now is a good time to save key informtion from any active voice mail messages.

We are planning to keep the existing voice mail system active for a period of time after we go live with the new system. We will proivde a special access extension for this purpose and you should still be able to access old messages for a period to be determined.

The period between deployment of the new phones and cut-over to the new system will help you get familiar with the new devices and allow IT time to address any issues. We anticipate challenges but have created a roll out plan that will address issues pertaining to the basic function of the phones.

The old Mitel phones will eventually be removed some time after we cut-over to the new system.