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Support for your Virtual Voice Mail Box

How to get technical support for your VVM should you have challenges

All requests for Adjunct virtual voice mail box support (VVM) should be directed to our Service Desk at ext. 5311 or by opening a

YConnect Self Service ticket. When using the YConnect Self Service system select "Other" for now under category. Write a brief

description of your challenge and your issue will immediately be placed in our tracking database. It will be assigned to our Telecom

unit and they will work to resolve the issue.

Please note that if you have not already setup your virtual voice mail box there is a default password on the system. Please call us for this. The default password should be changed once you setup your virtual voice mail box for the first time.

If you ever forget your password, we will need to authenticate you before we can reset the system. This can happen in one of three ways:

A YConnect Self Service request from you. An email from your department head. An in person visit from you into our Service Delivery Unit main location in room 2E03. After verifying who you are and that the extension is link to your name our Telecom unit will do the password reset.

Finally, the greeting is the key to the success of the system. Since there is no one picking up a phone on your behalf the information you provide in the greeting should provide basic information you believe the caller is looking for. At minimum we recommend you identify yourself by name, your department, the extension that was reached and if you have office hours and a location for where you can be located. This is all optional of course and you should pick and choose what works best for you, your department and your students.