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Smart Classroom

Technology Equip Class Rooms

A picture of a class room with a projector, lectern, a projection screen and a computer.
Technology Equip Classroom Project

Information Technology continues its technology equip class room program with the cooperation of many departments including Buildings and Grounds, Facilities Management, CTLET as well as the input from faculty and staff including our Provost.  This project requires coordinated efforts across all these areas and so far we have been able to successfully continue to bring up new classrooms each semester. The 2019 fall semester saw the completion of 10 additional rooms. 

During the 2020 semester IT had to shift gears due to the global pandemic. Our focus was on distance learning and shifting technology to meet the needs of our students remotely. However, by the time 2021 rolled around we were were able to continue building technology equip classrooms and added nine more rooms. These new classrooms are in the first floor of the Classroom Building and have the latest technology which will now include Hyflex modality in order to accommodate a hybrid learning environment.