YConnect Incident Tracking

How our YConnect Contact Center tracks your case
YConnect Incident Tracking

Every time you contact our YConnect Contact Center a reference number is created to track your Incident in our database tracking system.

This numerical identifier (Incident # or case #) is emailed to you automatically as long as your email address is current in the tracking system as an acknowledgement that we have received your request for service.

If your inquiry or request is resolved by our Tier 1 Support Group, the ticket will be closed by the Analyst and you will be notified by email. However, if the incident is not immediately resolved, you can reference the incident# by accessing YConnect Self Service. This will allow you to see statuses on any of your open incidents.

Due to the type of inquiry or request, your incident may be escalated to another support group on campus. All incidents in our system are recorded, escalated as needed, acknowledged, reviewed and resolved. The tracking system helps maintain a clock and insures accountability as each incident is escalated to management in order to insure you get excellent service.

This works the same way if you use our YConnect Self Service Portal. In fact when directly interfacing with the tracking system, you can open your own requests and inquiries. Your incident will then be automatically routed to the YConnect Call Center where our analysts review all inbound queue events and resolve accordingly unless the category you selected is non-IT in which case your requests or inquiries are routed directly to corresponding departments.  For more information on YConnect see the menu on the left.