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Why does CUNYfirst stop working with certain browsers?

I was using a certain browser with CUNYfirst for the longest and suddenly one of the forms is not displaying information. It worked before, what has changed?

CUNYfirst is supported on most of the popular browsers, however from time to time certain screens have issues that did not exist previsously. CUNYfirst is a massive database with many forms and screens that all depend on a matrix of security roles for user authenthicated access in order to execute anything from simple lookups to database updating of records. This system is shared by 20+ campuses and goes through montly cycles of updating and maintenance to insure it is in optimal configuration for performance and availability.  With so many moving parts sometimes it's possible that certain screens clash with the ever changing environment that is the local campus computer browser. It's nearly impossible to stay in sync with updates to CUNYfirst and updates to the local browser. This is one of the reasons why CUNY encourages all campuses to provide multiple browsers on the computer so that if a function stops working sometimes the easiest way to overcome it while reporting the issue is to switch browsers.  York IT always encourages everyone to please report all issues with CUNYfirst because even if you have resolved it by moving to another browser, this is temporary and it's a good practice for Central to see what is happening on campuses so that they are aware that changes are having an impact on usability.

 Always report technology issues to our Service Desk by calling us at Ext. 5311 or entering a YConnect self-service ticket from the web.