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Procurement Access Form

This form is needed to access the Financial Supply Chain within CUNYfirst. Examples of roles in this pillar are creators, requestors and approvers of requisitions. In addition if you have a travel and expense budget besides needing a Travel & Expense form filled out you also need the Procurement Access Form. Note any changes in supervisors that may occur as a consequence of a transfer will also require the submission of this and other forms as necessary and in most cases two forms may be required. One to remove a role and another to add a role. The PDF file here explains the workflow required in order to have a successfully completed Procurement Access request form. This workflow should help you understand how to route the form. It is not a guide on how to fill it out. Information on what role to request should come from the requesting supervisor. The workflow however will let you know who to go to for help. Here is the link to the form at CUNY Central

Procurement Workflow.pdf