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What you need to know about CUNYfirst Security Access

Guidelines, forms, instructions, workflow and all the information you need to request access to CUNYfirst

What is an ASL?

ASL stands for Application Security Liaison. This role has been established on all CUNY campuses for the purposes of processing CUNYfirst Access Request Forms. ASL do not approve or grant access but they are the central point of contact for application security within CUNYfirst. Those responsible for user enrollment, de-provisioning and approvers of roles & permission list assignment to profiles are know as Functional Liaisons or Access Approvers. They are the ones who must sign off on the forms besides managers, department heads, Business unit manager and in some cases the VP of Administrative Affairs.

Access to all CUNYfirst Security Forms

Please be aware that ASL's are responsible for assignment of security roles in CUNYfirst from properly filled and approved forms. They are not able to help you with what roles you need and what those roles represent, for this you need to go to your subject matter expert for the pillar you are seeking to have access to.