Application Security Liaisons

This is a CUNYfirst web page dedicated to ASL's helpful information. Come here for a variety of helpful CUNYfirst security related information

Why does CUNYfirst stop working with certain browsers?
I was using a certain browser with CUNYfirst for the longest and suddenly one of the forms is not displaying information. It worked before, what has changed?

Know Your Requisition's Life Cycle
This PDF shows the life cycle of a requisition in CUNYfirst. There are at least four check points during the lifecycle of a requisition before it can graduate to a purchase order. After creation it must first be validated by the chosen requestor's supervisor. This is validation and not funding approval. Then depending on the category it must be functionally approved by a category approver. For example if it's IT equipment an IT category approver will provide further validation. By the way, the category chosen drives what account code is chosen and for some budgets this is as critical as the budget code in terms of funding. Then it goes through a budget check. This is an automatic process where CUNYfirst checks to see if all the chart field information including the department code of the requestor has money to fund the request. If there is no money or the default chart field string which are part of the chosen requestor's profile are not correct, the requisition will go into an error status and not move forward. However, if to this point everything checks out ok, it moves forward to department level 1 & 2 approvals. These are the approvers who are authorized gatekeepers of budget codes. Your requisition only gets to them if the requestor that was chosen at creation has matching budget codes. Chart fields can and in some cases for special programs, be modified by a creator so that they route correctly to a department level 1 & 2 approver responsible for authorizing requisitions outside of the default values of the chosen requestor. Keep in mind that doing this requires special attention to understanding the sequence of chart fields. Any value that is not correct in the string of values that must be entered can kick back the requisition with a budget error. This is why it's critically important to pay constant attention to all requisitions entered into the system. Current there is no email alerts on errors. Many have assumed progress was being made only to find requisitions sitting in error past deadlines for getting purchases made. Finally, if all check points go well the requisition goes to Purchasing where Buyers create the purchase order which after other details too many to go into for this summary dispatch the purchase order to vendors who then close the lifecycle when goods and services are delivered. This however, starts a new cycle which will be described in another summary; "RECEIVING"

Training Information for CUNYfirst
Training is the key to understanding not only how CUNYfirst works but more specifically how to navigate through the system which can be a major task when you are new to the system. The Central CUNYfirst web site has resources to help you get started. There are many online helpful pdf and self contained E-Learning modules that will help you. The training is broken down by Students, Faculty/Advisors and Administrative Staff so be sure to select the right entry point to get you on your way. In addition there is a periodic CUNYfirst Training Times Newsletter you can also access from the site which provides up to date information on a variety of training topics. York College will provide training on various specific topics like Procurement and Travel & Expense from time to time in order to help new employees get a handle on some of these new roles when they are hired. Announcements are generally sent to departments when these classes are scheduled.

What you need to know about CUNYfirst Security Access
Guidelines, forms, instructions, workflow and all the information you need to request access to CUNYfirst

CUNYfirst Communications
This communication is tied to email announcements of key CUNYfirst maintenance, upgrades or system down issues. Content may change without notice except for emails alerting the campus.

Properly Reporting CUNYfirst Issues
All issues with any technology should always be reported to our Helpdesk via YConnect Self Service or by calling our Helpdesk at Ext. 5311. CUNY Central has established a strict protocol that we follow in order to insure the proper reporting and escalation of all CUNYfirst issues.