S.E.E.K Asset Reservation Services

This is the S.E.E.K YConnect Kiosk Asset Reservation Sign-In form. This form takes the place of a paper sign-in method and is not considered an online check-in. Any response or actions required will only be handled during normal business hours.

Liability Agreement

I am a York College SEEK Program Student; I am responsible for each item(s) I have borrowed.

Equipment loans are for (4) hours and are due back no later than 4 PM unless otherwise noted. Laptops are not renewed if there are no other laptops available for student use. I agree to return the laptop/calculator by the time due indicated above.

LATE FINES WILL ACCRUE AT THE RATE OF $10.00 PER HOUR OR ANY PART THEREOF FOR equipment and each item including the bag. I agree to pay any late fine that I incur.

I agree to return the laptop/calculator in good working order. I understand that I need to be present during the initial check-in procedure, which involves inspection of the laptop/calculator.

I recognize that signing the Equipment Loan Program Liability Agreement (Return) Form only stipulates that I have returned the laptop/calculator; however, I understand that full diagnostic testing of the laptop/calculator will be completed later. I understand that the diagnostic testing may take up to 48 hours to complete the item(s) has been returned.

Understanding that if full diagnostics are completed and I am deemed culpable for tampering with or damaging the laptop I will pay all repair and/or replacement cost.

I will allow sufficient time and be present for the check-out and the initial check-in process.

I agree to pay all repair and/or replacement cost resulting from damage or loss (including theft) of the laptop/calculator while it is checked out in my name. REPLACEMENT COST SHALL BE THE CURRENT ACTUAL PRICE OF A NEW LAPTOP/CALCULATOR SIMILAR TO THE LOANED LAPTOP/CALCULATOR IN TERMS OF QUALITY, DURABILITY, AND PERFORMANCE.

I agree to abide by the York College Policies Governing Use of York College Information Technology.

I understand that noncompliance with the above rules or other rules as established from time to time will result in the suspension of my participation in the Equipment Loan Program. In the event that I fail to meet any of my obligations, I agree that the York College SEEK Program may take whatever action it deems necessary, including but not limited to placing holds on my registration records, referral to the Dean of Student Development, and collection of my financial obligations.

Once the laptop/calculator is returned all the data will be lost.