Applications Support and IT Administration

Information Technology’s Applications Support Unit is to analyze, implement, automate, train, educate, administer, maintain, and troubleshoot IT 3rd-party applications that support faculty, staff, and students.


The mission of Information Technology Applications Support and IT Administration is to analyze, implement, educate, maintain IT 3rd-party applications, and extract data patterns and knowledge that enable faculty and staff to make the best decisions and process improvements to support students.


  1. Deploy system solutions that facilitate transparency in data and resources availability.
  2. Develop reporting solutions that communicate information clearly and efficiently to users; identifying opportunities for self-reporting large amounts of data for service improvement
  3. Facilitate process improvement projects, tools, and techniques to promote a culture of continuous improvement in the college.
  4. Support Divisional goals by enhanced collaboration across Units using digital solutions to inform and engage by using predictive analytics.