Student Response Systems

Information on how to use Student Response Systems (also called Clickers) in your classrooms.

What is Student Response System

Student Response System (SRS) we provide, also called Electronic Voting System or Clicker, is a radio frequency technology that transmits and records student responses to questions in a class. Faculty collects responses through a small receiver plugged into a laptop or a computer. The response distribution can be displayed instantly in different formats such as pie chart, histograms.

Using clickers in a classroom properly can:

  • help faculty to gauge student understanding of course content instantly for small, medium or large classes and adjust teaching accordingly.
  • obtain feedback from faculty and students quickly.
  • help students to assess their own learning.
  • make education more interactive and engaging.


In the workshop participants will learn:

  • install TurningPoint and the detector on your computer
  • check settings and modify configurations
  • create simple slides and use correct answer indicators
  • set Response Device and Participants options
  • produce, view and save Reports
  • advanced features based on request.

The workshop schedule is based on faculty availability. Make an appointment for a workshop session by sending an email to

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