Computer Labs

Students can utilize the computer labs that are on campus.

The Classroom Building (on the second floor) houses a college-wide drop-in lab with 62 computers and six digital classrooms with about 30 computers each. These labs are fully equipped with Pentium 4 computers, and each contains a high resolution LCD data/video project be projected onto a large screen to enhance class instruction. Students and faculty are capable of accessing the web on our workstations or their personal laptops via our wireless and local area network circulated throughout the labs.

Classroom Building - General Lab

  • Location:    CL-201a
  • Facility:    Walk-in lab with 62 networked Pentium IV Computers, Networked Laser Printers.
  • Hours:    (Spring and Fall)
Mon & Wed   9:00AM-9:45PM
Tues & Thurs 9:00AM-9:45PM
Fri & Sat       9:00AM-4:45PM

Summer and Winter hours vary.
  • Manager: Elizabeth Chow, Contact: 718-262-3888/3890