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Naming Opportunities

Naming Opportunities for York College
Opportunity     Gift RangeNotes
School$20MNaming a school within the college; permanently associates the donor with the school! Consultation with the chancellor required prior to offering this opportunity.


Publicly Funded

Non-Publicly Funded


See Notes

10-25% of cost basis 

The endowed contribution required to name a building or any part of a building will vary according to the associated costs and the impact of the structure upon campus life. Consultation with the Chancellor prior to offering this opportunity.

The endowed contribution required to name a building will need to be   10-25% of the building's cost basis. Consultation with the Chancellor prior to offering this opportunity is important.

Art Gallery







Galleries can be creatively defined spaces which need not always be a big open space. Hallways with extensive white space where art is displayed can also be named,


Performance Space/Auditorium $3M - $5M The endowed contribution required would depend on capacity + use. Smaller auditoriums + spaces can entertain lower minimums. Consultation with chancellor required
Academic Programs $3M Endowed funds can be used to enhance or expand academic offerings; may also be used as unrestricted at the discretion of president or dean







Academic Centers (within a school/college) $3M Funds should support an amount necessary to provide budgetary relief; provide anchoring support, or financial momentum to propel program to new heights. 
Lecture Hall $300,000 
Lectureship/Distinguished Lecture Series $250,000 Depends on scope of programming, may also help underwrite previously existing programming. Provides support for lectureship programming, or unrestricted support.

Conference Room








Specialized Library

Special Collections


Endowed gifts provides support + maintenance + expansion of a collection or provides support for electronic subscription and other recurring materials. May also provide unrestricted funds.


Smart Classroom
$500,000Generated income from endowed gift can support the maintenance of state-of-art technology. A portion of the gift can support installation of that technology as well as provide for systematic upgrades as needed. If smart classrooms exist gift can be used for unrestricted support.
Lounges: Student/Faculty
$250,000Provides resources for college use.







Other Athletic Related Spaces Depends on use/traffic/prominence Subject to submission recommendation to the Chancellor.
Outdoor Spaces: Plaza, Garden, Walkway, Bridge, Foot Path, Arch Breezeway, etc.
Depends on size, location, use, trafficThe range of these opportunities varies greatly. Minimum gift requirements should be made in consultation with Chancellor
Endowed Scholarship
$100,000Provides regular, ongoing support for students with demonstrated financial need or merit. Can be secured in multiples of the identified minimum. Endowed gifts exceeding the minimum are highly favored.
Endowed Fellowship
Gifts which support graduate students are important as it relates to CUNY's competitiveness. Gifts exceeding the minimum are highly favored.
President's Institutional Excellence Fund
$1MUsed only to provide an extra measure of excellence to the student experience or to leverage big ideas with firm roots in academic collaboration.
$3MAn endowed gift would allows a dean to meet special needs of or big, new ideas in their schools. To provide budget relief for a dean's salary. For use as a salary supplement, the approval of the Chancellor is required.
Visiting Scholar/Artist-in Residence
$1MA current use gift which provides, for a designed period of time, the equivalent of the income generated from an endowed gift.
Endowed Substitutional Professorship*
$1MSupport the needs of a vesting (local) scholar, which would include support for academic research.
Endowed Incremental Professorship
$1.5MProvides additional salary support as well as funds to supply research and fund scholarly activity

These minimum gift are intended for all relevant gift agreements. There may be limited instances when an exception to the guidelines may be appropriate. In such cases, the college president or professional school dean may appeal to the Chancellor. If the Chancellor supports the exception, he/she would recommend acceptance to the Board of Trustees. Special consideration will be given to campuses with little or no tradition of private philanthropy.

Gift Agreements created to govern and provide administrative guidance for gifts may be payable over multiple years, preferred gift agreements are those which are fully executed in no more than five years. Special exceptions beyond the five-year mark can be made in very limited instances.


Give By Mail or Phone

To make a gift by mail:

Fill out the Donation Form with the Gift Designation completed and mail it in with your check or credit card information to :

York College / The City University of New York
Office of Institutional Advancement 
STE: AC-2H03
94-20 Guy R. Brewer Blvd. 
Jamaica, NY 11451

To make a gift by phone:

Call 718-262-3810