Fundraising by Departments, Programs and Student Clubs

York College Development Office, Division of Institutional Advancement Fundraising by Departments, Programs and Student Clubs


The goal of the Development Office is to secure the greatest range of support for the programs at York College. Our top priority must be to obtain substantial contributions for the college at large. However, we recognize that some donors will be interested only in a specific program, department or club, and are not prospects for giving to the college in general. The Development Office encourages departments, programs and clubs to raise funds from donors to meet their specific needs where this fundraising will not detract from opportunities to raise unrestricted funds for the college at large.


If a department, program or student club wishes to undertake a fundraising effort, that department/program/club should complete a Fundraising Activity Approval Form and have it signed by the department chair or director. For academic departments, the Dean of the appropriate school and the Provost must approve the request. For administrative departments and clubs, the VP must approve the request. Once approved, the form can be emailed or brought to the Development Office for review and approval by the Director of Development or the VP for Institutional Advancement. If needed, an exploratory meeting can be arranged with the Development Office to discuss the request before submitting the form.


Fundraising events that target a general audience are unlikely to be approved because of a conflict with the York College Foundation Benefit Concert. However, smaller events that are targeted to as a specific audience, e.g., selling T-shirts to the parents of members of a sports team, are unlikely to cause a conflict and will likely be approved. Keep in mind that events are very time-consuming and detail-oriented and should be undertaken only with substantial resources in place to implement them well. Please note that purchases of merchandise are not tax deductible and no receipts should be provided. Any collection of cash must abide by the University’s cash management guidelines:

Please contact the College’s Business Manager for clarification or additional information about cash management.


Raffles are highly regulated by NY State as games of chance and are subject to various rules such as that no alcohol can be part of the raffle prize, raffle tickets must be printed in a very specific way with pre-numbered tickets, raffle drawings must be held on campus, and raffle tickets must not be sold by individuals under the age of 18. Any raffle must be specifically approved and monitored by the Development Office. Alternatives such as door prizes are encouraged.

Clearing Potential Supporters:

It is important that York College presents a united, coordinated appearance to our supporters in the community, including corporations, foundations and individual donors. Before any potential supporters are approached to support a fundraising activity, the list of prospective donors must be cleared by the Development Office to ensure that there is no conflict with college-wide fundraising. The Development Office may refuse requests to approach potential supporters if there is a potential conflict.


The Development Office is thinly staffed and unfortunately will not be able to staff or attend events that are sponsored by specific departments or programs. We will be available to a limited extent as a sounding board to provide advice. In cases of substantial ($10,000 and higher) potential supporters, the Development Office will work with the department to develop a strategy and participate in an approach as appropriate.


Contact Mondell Sealy, Director of Development, or Dolores Swirin, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, at 718-262-3810.

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