Class Agent Reunion Committee

As a Class Agent for your Reunion, you will work with the York College Office of Alumni Affairs to help create a successful event and encourage classmates to attend your celebration on Friday, May 30, 2014.

Responsibilities include:

Attend the Class Reunion

Spread The Word: Connect With Your Classmates

  • Class Agents will contact classmates and encourage them to take part in Commencement and the Alumni Reunion Luncheon
  • You will be emailed or mailed your class list with the Name, Telephone and Email address, if available of your classmate.  You can call, email or take advantage of all of the Social Network available, Facebook, Twitter, to spread the word about the reunion and start a chain reaction resulting in increased participation
  • If you contact someone who would like to get involved and also become a Class Agent, just reach out to the York College Alumni Affairs office at (718) 262-3810 or by email to: and we’ll follow up with your classmate.

Participate In The Reunion Gift Campaign

  • Make a contribution to the York College Annual Fund to the School or program of choice in honor of your class reunion.  The Annual Fund supports the Merit Scholarship program, facilities upgrades and the development of academic programs.

We hope to welcome you back to York College.

To become a Class Agent today, click the button below:


Office of Development and Alumni Affairs